Services Guide

Geophysical studies and surveys.


Targeted  categories

Scientific research organizations, centers of geological and engineering studies in both private and public sectors.


Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.





Required documents

Official letter addressed to the ministry


Procedures of rendering the service

  1. The official letter shall be referred to the Directorate of Geology/Department of Geophysics Studies.
  2. The Service recipient shall pay the imposed fees or undertake to pay the same upon presenting this service to the Directorate of Finance/Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The finance receipt shall be handed over to the Directorate of Geology.
  3. The directorate shall perform the required surveys and prepare the required report.
  4. The report shall be handed over to the competent authority.


Partners in rendering the service



Service fees

From 20 to 950 Dinars per point (according to the necessary points and kind of the required geophysics survey).


Time taken for executing the service

One business day for each point (according to the required points).


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